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Insul-Tarp In-slab Ground Insulation

Insul-Tarp® is the newest insulation technology on the market today. The patented design is optimized for ground, slab and in-slab insulation for radiant heating systems. It is lightweight, uses closed cell foam and reflective technology with a durable poly-coating, all within three thin layers.

The poly-coating makes the Insul-Tarp resistant to damaging surfaces and 100 percent impermeable to moisture. Insul-Tarp is especially designed for use with radiant heating systems in residential, commercial and agricultural applications to prevent loss of heat into the earth, forcing the heat upward, making the system more efficient. Using the right products is the first step towards high quality, long lasting, efficient radiant heating.

Insul-Tarp ground insulation installed in warehouse facility. Insul-Tarp provides excellent thermal performance and a vapor barrier specifically for the use in under-slab applications. Unlike the use of a foam board insulator, Insul-Tarp will not drop to ground temperature causing heat to drain from the radiant cables and slab. Because of the innovative combination of insulation layers and aluminum, Insul-Tarp will provide consistent insulation that allows the slab to reach the desired temperature quicker, making your system perform more efficiently.

Insul-Tarp ground insulation features the most advanced in-slab insulation technology available. Insul-Tarp's innovative combination of layers enable it to effectively control all three modes of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation. In a heated slab, Insul-Tarp improves the performance of the radiant heating system and provides higher slab temperature output.

Heat small, select areas: Rather than applying radiant heat to an the entire driveway surface, install the snowmelt system in a pair of 2-foot wide tire tracks on your driveway (as shown in the photo). Small, custom sized radiant heating can be installed in disability ramps, stairways, small patios and walkways, dog kennels, etc. The applications of electric radiant heat are virtually unlimited.

For more information about Insul-Tarp or radiant floor heating, snow melting or roof deicing solutions, call Warmzone today at 888.488.9276.

Under-slab Insulation

Insul-Tarp ground insulation under radiant heating cables.

Insul-Tarp ground insulation installed for a residential radiant floor heating system in Arizona.


"We have had Insul-Tarp as part of our product line for about one year. It has quickly become one of our fastest selling products. In most cases, we combine the product as part of a radiant heating system package. We find it to be the best alternative to rigid foam board since it can be installed in one tenth of the time. The cost savings to the customer is substantial since the product cost per square foot is close to rigid foam."

  – Doug M.
     President, Eagle Mountain Inc.

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